A Bad Month

So, July isn’t going so well. I know it’s still kinda early in the month, but I don’t see any way for things to get better any time soon.

I’m already super broke for the month, and some bills are going to be coming up really soon. I have also recently found that most everything I have is worth…well, basically nothing, so I don’t really have anything to sell.

I’m really not sure what to do right now besides pushing myself to actually do the whole streaming thing. I mean, I know it was a massive failure last time, but I can’t find any other option right now.

I guess it’s time to start testing out my equipment and see how it holds up and all that. It’s mostly the same from before, but there are a few changes that have been made. If nothing else, it will give me something to do for a few days.

Honestly, I don’t really expect much to come of this, but I have to at least try. I really don’t want to fall super far behind on my bills. I may not have a choice in that, but if I don’t try I know things won’t get better.