Seems About Right

Well, April is almost halfway through. I still haven’t heard from anyone besides my mom. I wasn’t really expecting to, but at least a text from one of the kids would have been nice. My one friend has been mostly silent for quite some time now, even before April. Kinda really sucks.

I’m just kinda moving on as I always do, which isn’t well. On the bright side, I’ve actually slept the past few nights, which is a start. Also, I got my YouTube account all set and ready for broadcasting if I feel the need. Not sure when I might start, maybe soon, maybe later.

I guess I don’t have a whole lot else right now. Just sad and lonely and felt like typing for a few minutes, I guess. Just the usual.


Too Quiet

I’ve been too quiet. There’s been a couple times that I have wanted to post, but I was trying to figure out how to not sound like an ass at the same time.

I suppose that I’m not compelled to just plop out whatever happens across my brain is a good thing. In other times, I would have. And it’s not due to COVID-19 that I am doing this. I’m just…trying to clean things up. The house, the yard, my brain. Maybe ‘clean up’ isn’t the right wording. Straightening out? Maybe that’s better.

I know I’m pretty lonely these days. I’ve had a few people SAY that they wanted to get some gaming in with me, but that’s all it ever is: words. Empty words with no plan to actually follow through.

I’ve tried to reach out to others many times. I’m almost always met with dead silence. Occasionally, I get a smack on the hand, but usually it’s just nothing. I’ve stopped trying at this point. I even stopped checking Twitter and that used to be one of my favorite things to do. For that same reason I stopped making videos for YouTube and stopped streaming on Twitch. No one cared. Most of my YT videos never got watched at all, and this is YouTube we’re talking about. The most dumb and boring crap gets thousands of views, but I get nothing. I always streamed to an empty chat room. I got tired of it.

I guess when you’re broken, no one really wants to deal with it. Not even your wife. Well, ex now. I’ve been alone for seven years now and sometimes it still gets to me.

I guess for now I will go have some ice cream and then play something…alone, of course. Such is my lot in life.