Good And Bad News

So, I got a new med last week, and it was all sunshine at first. I think I mentioned that previously. But now, a week later, I think it’s already starting to be ineffective. I’ll probably have to call in yet again and have them up it. It won’t be long until I’m back in the same position again. I can’t wait.

I know I haven’t streamed yet, but I didn’t think about the fact that I would need a second account for some things. Well, I thought about it, but thought I could work around it for a few things. I was wrong. Blah. I know it’s not the worst thing in the world, but for a few things, I don’t have the money for that.

I do still have a few ideas though. Maybe I will get something running this week, even. We will see. They’re only ideas at the moment.

I’m trying not to let some things get to me like they have been recently, but I’m not having a ton of luck. Still pretty lonely, but I should be used to that by now. Also, my body, like all over, hasn’t felt great the past few days. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I don’t feel sick, just…like sore and off a little bit. It’s hard to explain but that’s close.

I think I’m going to go and test one of my ideas. Maybe I’ll get lucky for a change.



The last few days have been pretty bad. I’ve been beyond exhausted and spent most of the time in bed. Thankfully, I got some meds that actually work and I can sleep again. Now, I don’t know how long that might last, but I will take it as long as I can.

Now, in other news, I’ve been thinking about doing some streaming. I know it wasn’t exactly successful the last time, but I think I will be changing it up some. Not positive yet, but I’m definitely strongly considering it, if for no other reason than to give me something else to do once in a while.

I wouldn’t be watching chat or anything like that, which may bother some people, but I need to protect myself as much as possible. I’m going to think on it more.

Not much else exciting right now. Social Security recipients have to wait longer for the stimulus than regular taxpayers which really seems backwards to me. Nothing I can do about it of course but wait.

Being away from the computer for a few days put me behind in a couple spots, but I think I have everything ironed out for now. Time for some games now, and some happy thoughts that my new medication keeps working for a while.